I Know This All Too Well




Released April 11, 2018

1. Oil & Gold 03:12
2. Fair to Middlin’ 02:21
3. I Did It All For You 02:44
4. Me and My Sins 03:56
5. Little Sadie 03:03
6. Stetson Hat Blues 02:36
7. Now There’s No Song 02:53
8. Lay Myself Down Dead 03:15
9. Heaviest Heart 04:00
10. Locked Up By The Lord 03:09
11. Never Heard A Horse Sing 02:13
12. Stories from the Road 05:05

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I Know This All Too Well is the debut solo album from Kingston, Ontario folk singer Chris Morris. Produced by Kingston country-blues troubadour Tom Savage, the songs on this record truly capture the essence of traditional folk, blues, and bluegrass. The 11 original songs, plus a cover of the traditional murder ballad Little Sadie, can be playful, heavy, funny, poetic, or intense, all the while conveying a universal truth, or some deep-rooted feeling that could be as relevant 100 years ago as it is today.

Produced by Tom Savage.
Engineered by Dylan Lodge.
Mixed and mastered by Geoff Chown.
Recorded at Kevin Bowers’ studio and NOP.
Front and back cover photos by Patrick Hulley.
Inside photo by Shayne Bampton.

Chris Morris – vocals, acoustic guitar
Bonz Bowering – drums
Al Duquette – fiddle
Jon McLurg – banjo, backing vocals on tracks 9-12
Pete Josza – mandolin
Chris Petersen – bass on tracks 2, 7, 10, 11
Tom Savage – bass on tracks, 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 12, electric guitar, dobro on track 6, backing vocals on track 3


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